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Complete Intolerance Test - Express (CIT)
Complete Intolerance Test - Express (CIT)

Complete Intolerance Test - Express (CIT)

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Helping you to live your best life

Understanding your body’s intolerances is like having a personalised roadmap to better health. When you’re aware of how your body reacts to different foods, environmental factors, and stressors, you can make informed choices that cater to your unique needs

Cutting edge Hair Tests Catch What Blood Tests Wont.

You test includes a personal consultation and reading. We will supply detailed results quickly and recommendations based on your test.  A typical report is about 60 pages. 

5 BRAND NEW categories to improve your health


We test hyaluronic acid and collagen to identify signs of aging in skin, bones, and joints.

Stress & inflammation

We test for stress and inflammation by examining cortisol levels, which indicate stress, and inflammatory biomarkers within the body.

Sleep hormones

To evaluate sleep quality, we analyse the melatonin hormone, responsible for the quality of sleep.

Skin health

Skin sensitivity testing evaluates how your skin reacts to fragrances, household chemicals, and cosmetics, assessing your skin’s tolerance levels.


We measure nutritional levels by assessing the hormones leptin, known as the ‘full’ hormone, and ghrelin, which is responsible for regulating hunger.


1,200 items tested

BIT tick Food & drink
BIT tick Non-food
BIT tick Botanicals
BIT tick Metals
BIT tick Minerals
BIT tick Animals & insects
BIT tick Vitamins
BIT tick Additives
BIT tick Gut health
BIT tick Digestion
NEW - Anti-aging
NEW - Stress & inflammation
NEW - Sleep
NEW - Skin health
NEW - Nutrition

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