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"Sea Beans" Your New Favorite Side Dish



This is a quick and easy seaweed side-dish or light salad made from Sea Spaghetti, Vegan Pesto, Salt, and Lemon Zest (optional)

After preparing the seaweed you then generously season it with a home-made pesto. The pest is easy to make with most blenders, and a link to the complete recipe is below. 

To put this together, first soak about 1/3 of a package of Cenalga Sea Spaghetti in a bowl of water. 

Soaking Seaweed


You can soak it for as little as 15 minutes up to an hour. You can boil, cool and rinse, if you're not on a raw diet. 

While your seaweed is soaking, blend up some Sun Dried Tomato Pesto (links to a recipe from Simply Q) that includes blending: 

  • Nutritional yeast. This is the secret to replace cheese in your pesto sauce. It's cheesy without the dairy.
  • Basil. Use plenty of fresh, vibrant basil leaves for the pesto.
  • Sun-dried tomatoes. I recommend oil-packed if you can find them.
  • Pine nuts. You can also use walnuts if you're out of pine nuts.
  • Garlic. For the signature Italian flavor.
  • Lemon juice. To brighten up the flavor and color.
  • Olive oil. Use a nice quality oil that tastes great.

After rinsing the seaweed, simply spoon in a generous amount of the Pesto, and sprinkle lemon yeast over the top. Season with salt and pepper to taste. 


Sea Beans from Cenalga

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